WordPress Security Class
Protect Your Website Before It’s Hacked and Black-listed by Google.
Backup Your Database and All Your Content, and Install the Best WordPress Firewall
Plugin — Stop Hackers Before It’s Too Late!   READ MORE>

Course Highlights

  • How to protect your website before it’s hacked and blacklisted
  • Backup of all your content & database, plus a malware scan during training
  • What to do if you are hacked – step by step instructions
  • Install and configure our Premium WordPress Firewall Plugin
  • Schedule and manage database backups from your dashboard


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Security Training Package Includes:
  • WordPress Security Overview
  • WordPress Site Assessment
  • New Password Generation
  • Backup Plugin Installation
  • WordPress Firewall Installation
  • Security Checklist
Complete Outline of WordPress Security Class
WordPress Security Class

Protect your WordPress website – before its to late.
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  • WordPress Security Overview
  • WordPress Security Plugins
  • Wordfence
  • Bullet Proof Security
  • Secure WordPress
  • WordPress Security Plugins Summary
  • Securing WordPress
  • Secure WordPress User ID
  • Secure Passwords
  • PCTools
  • Strong Password Generator
  • Online Password Generator
  • Comment Spam & Bad Links
  • Maintaining WordPress & Plugins
  • How to Deal With WordPress Hacking
  • First Response
  • Core File Compromises
  • Backups
  • WordPress Security Conclusions
  • INSTALL: Backup Plugin
  • Backup Website
  • INSTALL: WordPress Firewall Plugin
  • Generate Password ListsBasic Site Security Checklist
  • Remove malicious files and/or files you are not familiar with
  • Update all scripts/applications to the newest versions available
  • Update all plugins to the newest versions available
  • Change passwords on accounts or delete unused ones
  • Delete any databases/applications from your account that are no longer in use
  • Fix dangerously writeable permissions
  • Hide your configuration files*
  • Tweak your php.ini file*
  • Connect to your account using a secure network
  • Make sure your local computer is secure
  • Anti-Virus Applications
  • Review high-quality, free applications that can help you maintain a safe, healthy computer.
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux Based

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