WordPress Front-end Developer
Certification Training Package

The WordPress Front-end Developer Certification Training Package was developed for individuals who want to build WordPress websites as a career.

This program includes all the topics from our
WordPress Administrator Training Package.

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All Topics Covered

Database Installation
Install WordPress on your local computer and learn how to work on your website offline

Site Publication and Migration
Learn to migrate WordPress to a shared hosting invoronment

WordPress Fundamentals
Theme upload and setup, Permalinks set to search engine friendly, User Accounts – create and manage, Admin settings, Theme options, Content Management, Setting up a blog or static home page, Creating Posts & Pages, Taxonomy, Permalinks/ slug, Adding Content, Creating Password Protected Pages, Revisions, Page Templates, Creating contact form pages, Creating sitemap page, creating menus, Sidebars, Plugins and widgets, Working with your logo, Uploading media, Links/Blogroll, Comments and discussion, Framework SEO settings

CSS and Child Themes
Working with child themes, Customizing with CSS, Customizing your banner, Customizing your header, Customizing your footer, Customizing your sidebars, Customizing your menu, Customizing your headings, Customizing your background, Visual composer for WordPress, Short Codes- Shortcuts to advanced functionality

Page Structure Modification
Inserting HTML code, PHP basics, Child themes, Custom sidebar management, Customizing gravity forms, Backup and migration, Search and replace plugin, More premium plugins

Focus on current WordPress security issues,  Installation of backup and firewall plugins and manual database backup, Key tips to keep your website off of Google’s black-list 

Advanced SEO
Optimizing your homepage, Meta Information, XML sitemaps, SEO for blog pages and posts, Content Extension, Our SEO 12 step program, SEO tips & best practices, SEO & social media

Multi Site
Multi Site install, Network admin, Plugins and themes, WordPress settings requirements, Installing the network, Enabling the network, Network admin settings 

Multimedia WordPress themes, Multimedia plugins, Working with custom post types, Setting up your custom post type, Hosting video – WordPress vs. Third Party, Adding new media, Displaying our media, Adding a media player, Using Vimeo, Youtube

Social Media
Which social media sites are a good fit for your business, How to set up your social media profiles correctly, Who to follow and engage on social media, Social media content management, Handling trolls, flamers and spammers on social media, Automating and outsourcing social media, Tracking your success

WooThemes for WooCommerce, Other shopping cart solutions, Product information, SKU, Pricing and taxes, Payment gateways and banking, Shipping solutions, Customer information, Inventory, Coupons, Reports, Plugin Settings, 3rd party eCommerce systems