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Top Three WordPress Two-Factor Authentication Plugins

Early on in our article series about WooCommerce and security we went over Two-Factor authentication (2FA) in our 7 ways to keep your WooCommerce store safe post and why it’s important.

In order to help you setup Two-Factor authentication on your WordPress site, we’ve gathered our top three WordPress Two-Factor authentication plugins right here for you so you don’t have to do the research.


Two-Factor Authentication by Mini Orange

top three wordpress two factor authentication plugins

First up on our list is Two-Factor Authentication by miniOrange. This 2 factor authentication plugin is really great if you plan to use the Google Authenticator app (miniOrange also has their own app, as well). It is free, but you can get a lot more options and features from the premium version if you’d like. This plugin supports 2 factor authentication via:

  • SMS
  • Google Authenticator app
  • miniOrange Authenticator app
  • Authy 2-Factor Authentication app
  • QR code
  • Push notifications

If you’ve lost your phone or it’s stolen, Two-Factor Authentication by miniOrange also has alternate ways to login such as security questions and OTP over email.



Clef Two-Factor Authentication

top three wordpress two factor authentication plugins

With over 700,000 active installs, the Clef Two-Factor Authentication plugin is one of the most popular of our top three wordpress two-factor authentication plugins. And it’s free! This plugin does require you to use its own mobile app, called Clef Wave, but it’s security features are quite robust. The way Clef Two-Factor Authentication works is by disabling WordPress passwords which protects you from password based attackers such as:

  • brute force logins
  • password guessing
  • account takeovers via email security breaches
  • weak and/or recycled passwords
  • sending login information over unsecured connections

Instead of using passwords, this plugin creates an encrypted private key that is stored on your phone rather than a central database. This way if there is a security breach on your database, your information is still safe on your phone. They also require a fingerprint or pin to access your Clef Wave app so if your phone gets lost or stolen, you’re Clef Wave app information is still safe.


Rublon Two-Factor Authentication

top three wordpress two factor authentication plugins

If you’re looking for simple, easy, and free, this is the plugin for you! Rublon Two-Factor Authentication is a 1 click download, 1 click activation/installation plugin that requires little to no configuration and you don’t have to install or activate anything else for it to work for you and your users.

Once you’ve confirmed your identity by clicking on the link sent to you via email during your first login, you only have to input your WordPress password on your next logins. If you want another layer of security on your phone, you can also confirm your identity by scanning a Rublon Code that is provided to you.


If you have any questions or if you need help installing any of the top three WordPress two-factor authentication plugins or other support for WordPress, we have instructors that are ready to help you. Call 512-593-1621 or email to schedule a consultation today.

We also offer our WordPress Security Class that will show you how to protect your site before it gets hacked and black listed.