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WordPress is the perfect platform for building a website for Musicians. There are a ton of features that I believe are essential to a great website for musicians.

These are some of the more unique features that you will find within these theme:

  • Super-easy functionality  to create video posts;
  • Videos are resized automatically and WooTube even publishes the embed code for your readers;
  • Integration of the WP-PostRatings plugin for some added fun & interactiveness;
  • A completely widgetized sidebar with custom widgets included in the theme packaging. No third party widgets required; and
  • 7 amazing colour schemes to choose from!
  • NEW! Optional homepage layout (see update info) gives endless possibilities for usage of this theme e.g. gallery, portfolio or blog.



WooTube is a video player. Need we say more? Based on the same style that has made Busy Bee & Fresh News so popular, WooTube offers you some amazing multimedia goodness. Why not get cracking straight away… All you need is a camera, a nice smile and obviously this theme!

Even though it was designed to show videos, this theme can be used for multiple purposes like a photo gallery, CSS gallery, portfolio and even personal blog. The options allow you to disable the latest post to get that gallery look, and you don’t even need to add videos to your posts, so they will just be plain simple posts.



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WordPress is the perfect platform for building a website for Musicians; whether they are a DJ, solo artist or part of a band. There are a number of features that I believe are essential to a great Musician design such as support for multimedia like audio, images and videos. Social media integration, particularly for Facebook and Twitter, is also vital.


Dark WordPress Themes for Bands

Dark WordPress Themes for Bands & Musicians

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WordPress platform has always been user-friendly, but together with the powerful WordPress themes, it has also become designer-friendly, restaurant-friendly, charity-friendly, etc. Theme developers have a lot to offer, even if you have some very specific requirements.

I prepared a list of incredible dark WordPress themes for bands and musicians, who want to have great design and many options to make them more unique. These themes have the latest WordPress 3.0 features and almost everything a band would need out-of-the-box.


City Dreams

City Dreams WordPress theme

Free Download

City Dreams is another great theme by AMY&PINK, and provides a different approach to website layout, straying from the typical “header-content-sidebar-footer” formula. You’ll probably want to use a large background image for this theme to look nice. Like AM&PINK’s other theme, though, you will need some coding knowledge in order to customize the design and layout.



By Oli August 24, 2011

With the internet helping musicians and bands connect directly with their fans these days, a good web presence is essential to help with music and ticket sales or just to present your work to the widest possible audience. Step in WordPress once again, an ideal platform for this – there are a number of specialist themes available which is the subject of today’s post, lets take a look at 20 of the best …