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During your initial consultation we will:

    • Evaluate your training needs
    • Review our private, 1 on 1 training programs and pricing
    • Choose a training method that is right for you
    • Answer all your questions about our online WordPress training

Please Call For Pricing Information – 877-844-9931

FREE lifetime access to our WordPress Basic Training Video Site with any class or live support purchase!

Our WordPress Certification Training Packages

Level I – WordPress Administrator training package
Topics Covered: Hosting Options, Installing on a Local Server, Local Development, Migration, Theme Options and Settings, Content Management, Hooks, Child Themes, Basic CSS, Responsive CSS, Custom Post Types, Basic PHP Modifications, SEO, WordPress Security

Level II – WordPress Front-end Developer training package 
Topics Covered: Hosting Options, Installing on a Local Server, Local Development, Migration, Theme Options and Settings, Content Management, Hooks, Child Themes, Basic CSS, Responsive CSS, Custom Post Types, Basic PHP Modifications, Advanced SEO, WordPress Security, Multisite Networks, eCommerce

Level III – WordPress Back-end Developer training package
Topics Covered: PHP, HTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, WP API, Widgets, MySQL and WordPress, DB API, Hooks, REST API, File Header API, File Sys API, Meta Data API (custom fields), Options API, Quick Tags API, Rewrite API, Settings API, Short Code API, Transients API, XML-RPC API, Theme Development, Plugin Development, IDE, PHP Storm, VVV and Docker Development Environments

Level IV – WordPress Full Stack Developer training package 
Combines our Front-end and Back-end development training

Included FREE in Level II and III training – A Beginners Guide to WordPress Development – a $399 value

WordPress Fundamentals Program
Become a WordPress Expert in Just 2 Classes!
Learn to Modify Your Homepage, Sub-pages and Blog Posts in Private, Instructor-led Classes!
Quickly master your theme’s admin settingsdashboard settings and theme options so you can manage your own content.

A Beginners Guide to WordPress Development
Setup | Project Scope and Requirements | Client Management | Project Management | Production
Topics Covered: What is WordPress?, Domain Names, Hosting Options, Page Layout and Conversion Rates, Themes, Mockups, Plugins, Content Management, Security, The Development Process, Proposals, Scope Document, SEO / SEM, Avada Theme Training

Live Support
Your questions and your issues will drive the agenda of your training

WordPress Master Class
CSS Modifications – Customize The Look of Your Website
Quickly learn the skills it takes to build unique, sophisticated WordPress websites using
Child Themes and CSS.

WordPress Developer Course
PHP Modifications  – Learn How To Change the Structure of Your Website
For current or future WordPress development professionals who want to customize the structure of WordPress architecture through basic PHP, CSS and HTML code editing.

Advanced SEO Training
Our Advanced WordPress SEO Training Class helps you increase the visibility of your website / business on the search engine result pages. By combining our SEO techniques with excellent marketing skills, you will be on your way to a successful online business.

WordPress Quick Start  

  • WordPress Basics
  • Blog Site/Page Setup

Additional Classes
Avada Theme Training
WordPress Security Class
WordPress E-Commerce Class
WordPress Multi-Site Class
Creating Content That Converts
Multimedia Training Package
Social Media Training Package

Enrolling and Scheduling Your Classes
There are three steps to moving forward with our WordPress training classes or support sessions.

Step 1: Schedule Your Class

  • You tell us the days and times that you are available.
  • We will schedule you with one of our instructors.
  • Our instructors are available by appointment for evening and weekend classes.

Step 2: Enrollment/Payment

  • We accept all major credit cards by phone.
  • If you are in the U.S., we can send you an electronic invoice.
  • You can pay online using our shopping  cart.

Step 3: Registration

  • Someone from your team will need to fill out our New Student Registration Form.
  • The New Student Registration Form gathers all the necessary information needed to deliver your online class.
  • This information includes what browser you’re using, your internet speed, how many attendees will be in the class, and most important – your training goals.
  • The New Student Registration Form also shows you how to test your browser in the Webex testing area – so when your class begins, there are no technical delays.

Helpful Information 

What we offer:

  • PRIVATE, 1 on 1 training, with your own personal WordPress instructor
  • Interactive training classes that are customized to your theme and training goals
  • You can update, edit or build a new website while you train
  • All live training classes are recorded, archived and available for you to download after your training
  • FREE access to our Basic Training Videos for your attendees to watch prior to your training

How we deliver our online classes:

  • We use WebEx by Cisco
  • Webex is the world standard for remote desktop training
  • We use Webex because
    • we record all live training classes and the video is HIGH DEFINITION
    • Webex comes with its own video player
      • your tutorial video plays on any computer
      • there’s no compatibility issues
  • After you enroll we will send you a Webex invitation via email
    • 2 minutes before your scheduled class, just click the join button on your invitation
    • Call in on the phone number that pops up so we can record your questions and your comments on your tutorial video

3 Training Methods
All methods are live, online, interactive training, with just you, the people you invite, and your own personal WordPress instructor.

  • Method 1 – is from a syllabus
  • Method 2 – is completely customized to your list of website / development issues
  • Method 3 – Is a combination of method 1 and 2
  • Together we will determine what method is best for you. 

All Classes Are Recorded

  • Your live training classes will be recorded, archived, and available for free download
  • It’s like having a WordPress tutorial for your theme

We accommodate YOUR schedule

  • Tell us the days and times you have available and we’ll schedule your classes with one of our instructors that have that time available
  • You can invite up to 24 attendees to your classes
    • The first two are included in the price of your training package
    • We recommend 3 or less unless you have the facilities for a larger group

Who should attend?

  • New users of WordPress who need to quickly master the basics
  • Experienced users who want to utilize the advanced functionality unique to WordPress
  • Business owners who want their websites to look beautiful, rank high in the search engines and convert visitors into customers
  • Anyone who wants to better understand how to use WordPress, the most powerful website building tool the web has ever seen!

What do I need for the session?

  • A PC or Macintosh computer with a wired Internet connection
  • A telephone you can use while using the computer
  • ADMINISTRATOR level clearance to work on your website

Training is Tax Deductible

  • Save Your Receipt!

Helpful Links

Course Catalog
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Avada Theme Training

Larger Sites:    WPEngine
Smaller Sites: SiteGround

We also offer WordPress website development and WordPress support for businesses and individuals. Please call for pricing.