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Best Social Media Comments Plugins

Best Social Media Comments Plugins

Have you ever visited a website and it let you login using your preferred social media login information? Adding a social media comment plugin can enable your visitors to do just that on your site. This makes it much easier for people to post comments on your site. If you want more comments on your blog posts and articles, this is a great way to encourage that. Do keep in mind that these plugins will not allow you to sync comments from your social media services to your WordPress site. Check out our best social media comments plugins below.


best social media comments plugins disqus

First up on our list of the best social media comments plugins is Disqus. Disqus is easy to install and automatically adapts to your sites colors or you can change them at any time as well. This plugin has a simple moderation dashboard so you can filter out spam comments and even has built in analytics tools so you can see what topics have the most engagement. It is mobile ready and supports photo and video comments, as well.



Jetpack Comments

best social media comments plugins jetpack comments

The Jetpack Comments plugin integrates social media login options into its own comment form that replaces the default WordPress one. Commenters on your site can also choose to be told when new comments have been posted. This plugin supports the normal WordPress login plus Facebook, Google+, and Twitter logins.




best social media comments plugins livefyre

Livefyre is somewhat similar to the Disqus plugin. It is powered by Adobe and offers a ton of options for engaging visitors on your site. If you’re wanting to really increase loyalty to your site, this is a great option for that. Livefyre has strong moderation tools to help keep spam comments out and even integrates with Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst smoothly.



If you have any questions or if you need help installing any of the best social media comments plugins or other support for WordPress, we have instructors that are ready to help you. Call 512-593-1621 or email to schedule a consultation today.

We also offer our WordPress Social Media Class that will show you how to integrate social media with WordPress.