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Parallax WordPress Themes

The WOW Factor: Parallax WordPress Themes  

Cutting Edge Scrolling Functionality
Means More Content On Your Homepage

WordPress themes with Parallax scrolling mesmerize readers. Because Parallax pages hold attention with their multidimensional scrolling operation, readers want to view your entire page, and will absorb all of your content.

Parallax Scrolling Immerses Your Readers In Your Content

A Parallax theme is another very valuable tool in the WordPress arsenal. These themes are so incredibly fun, readers will want to scroll to the very bottom of your pages to see what’s next.

Properly designed, a Parallax theme will increase conversions, page views and time spent on your site.

Not bad for a video game effect from the 80’s!

Benefits of Parallax Pages:

  • Increasing homepage content will boost SEO potential
  • Perfect for squeeze pages and one-page websites
  • Great for Entrepreneurs and Affiliate Marketing
  • Visually stunning


Captivate Your Audience
AND Increase Traffic

Parallax’s unique perspective capture’s the interest of visitors and helps them explore your site. As they move through your site, the dynamic, layered feel holds their interest until they’ve seen it all.

Parallax themes and their stunning visual effects can help:

  • Make a beautiful single page website
  • Boost homepage content for SEO purposes
  • Create an highly effective landing page
  • Create compelling, dynamic content throughout your entire site
  • Increase conversion rates


A Few Concerns of Parallax Functionality

Innovative Scrolling and Visuals Come at a Price

Parallax Themes give you an edge with gripping visual effects and SEO benefits. But, Parallax themes can be difficult to install and manage.

  • Initial set up is challenging
  • User must learn the Parallax shortcodes
  • Initial layout can be finicky
  • WordPress updates can affect the stability of the layout


Free Installation of a Parallax Theme

Below are links to two of our favorite WordPress Parallax Themes:

Check them out, preview the live demos, and see what you think. If you like the Parallax effect, call us. We can install one for free.

Here are more WordPress Parallax Themes:

33 OUTSTANDING parallax scrolling websites

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