How To Choose A WordPress Theme

3 Steps To Choosing A WordPress Theme

When you choose a WordPress theme, there are a few steps to follow to ensure you choose the right theme. These aren’t concrete rules, more like guidelines to help you on your path to a WordPress theme that works for you.


1) Examine the look and functionality of different WordPress themes

  • How a WordPress website looks is the first thing a visitor sees. Make a great first impression that lasts. And, if you can find a theme that matches your personal style or website goals, all the better.

  • Auditioning the functionality of different WordPress themes while you research is extremely important. It’s best to have a theme that allows you to easily post the content you want, and quickly edit it at any time.

  1. Some different ways to audition WordPress themes include:

  1. Reading the short codes available with each theme, which will clarify some of the built in functionality.

  2. Examining the layouts.  

  3. Watching videos detailing what different themes offer, or reading reviews.


2) Choose a Mobile Responsive WordPress theme

  • Having a mobile responsive WordPress website means your website will detect if a visitor is accessing from a mobile device, and adjust accordingly.

  • Having a responsive WordPress website is essential to providing an easy user experience when accessing from a mobile device.

  • If you can find a theme that has this built-in functionality, you will save time on making your WordPress website mobile ready.

3) Choose a WordPress theme that allows for Blog/Posts customization

  • Having a theme for your WordPress website that allows for easy customization of your content will help make your website unique.

  • With customizability you can easily make all your blog posts and website pages mimic your WordPress website’s home page by adding all the same sidebars, footers, headers, and sliders. This will effectively make every one of your blog posts a landing page, which grabs a visitors attention and brings them back again. This can greatly increase your website’s conversion capabilities.


Pax and ProMotion

If you need help finding a theme that will make blogging easy and fun, we will be happy to help. In fact, we have over 300 Premium WordPress Themes to choose from, and we will provide one for free along with your WordPress training. If you are interested in having a Mobile Responsive Theme, the two that stand out are Pax and ProMotion.

Pax is designed to look great no matter how it is accessed.

  • Built-in, separate layouts for which ever type of device is accessing it,

  • Automatically scales the website to optimize the visitor’s experience.

  • Comes with a premium plugin called uSlider, that you can use to make beautiful sliders that are supportive of touch devices.

  • Pax has been tested with the Apple iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Windows 8 tablets, and many more. In short, it works with all devices.

ProMotion is a responsive theme built to promote a business or service.

  • SEO friendly, with full content placement above the sidebars

  • Option panel with ability to change styles, sizes, and colors for many elements

  • You can upload a background for every area of your website

  • Comes with the premium plugin called mOover slider, which is operated through an easy, drag & drop interface

  • ProMotion is compatible with the latest WordPress versions, and is supported by every major internet browser

  • Responsive layout optimizes accessing the website on mobile devices


Having a WordPress website is a great way to step into the online world, but it can be difficult to make it unique. We are happy to help you with your WordPress theme issues.