New Student Registration

Thank you for choosing the WordPress Learning Center.

Before we can schedule your classes, we need some information about your workstation, your existing website and theme, and your training goals. This information will be needed when filling out the New Student Registration Form in STEP 3.

Failure to submit this form 24 hours prior to your scheduled class can result in delays and/or rescheduling of your classes.

Your Class Outline

After you have completed the New Student Registration Form, you will be directed to a webpage where you can download your class outline.

Please have a printed copy of your class outline ready for your first class.

Test Your Browser with a WebEx Test Meeting 

All attendees must test browser for WebEx compatibility – CLICK HERE TO TEST BROWSER

  • All attendees will need to complete a WEBEX TEST MEETING
    to complete STEP 3!

Download the WebEx ARF Video Player

If you plan on downloading and watching the free tutorial of your classes, you will need the WebEx ARF Video Player – DOWNLOAD the WebEx ARF Video Player 

  • For installation instructions, please watch this video: Installing the Webex Video Player
  • You will need the WebEx Video Player installed on your computer to complete STEP 3!

Gather Your Information

List of information you will need to complete the New Student Registration Form in Step 3:

  1. WebEx Meeting Test Results FOR ALL ATTENDEES
  2. The WebEx Video Player
  3. Your Internet Browser (if you want to learn to edit CSS, you must have Firefox Get Firefox Here)
  4. The Hosting Provider for your website (Godaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, etc.)
  5. Your WordPress Admin and Password information (you must have ADMINISTRATOR LEVEL access to start your training classes)
  6. You must have WordPress hosted and installed before we can start training
    1. If you need help, call your hosting provider
  7. The Name of the Theme You Will be Using During Training
    1. You will need this information for step three

Complete the New Student Registration Form

Now that you have:

  1. Tested Your Browser by Joining a Webex Test Meeting
  2. Downloaded The WebEx Video Player
  3. Installed WordPress
  4. Gathered all the information from the above checklist

Please read and agree to the Terms of Service.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.