Ask a Question

If you have any questions about which WordPress Training Course is right for you, please call: 512-825-4353.


How does it work, how do you deliver WordPress training classes?
It’s very simple. The day before your class your instructor will email you a Webex invite. Five minutes before your scheduled class, just click the join now button on your invitation. Call in on the phone number provided so we can have your voice and questions on your recording.
What if I don’t want to start with the basics but want to start by addressing my WordPress issues?
 The WordPress Learning Center is the only training company offering live, instructor led training customized to your training goals and issues. When you enroll, one of the first questions on our New Student Registration Form is: “What are your training goals?”. You tell us what your training goals are and we will start there. We will also cover the fundamentals that will enable you to understand what we are doing.

Do I have to use one of your free premium themes, or can I use mine
No, you don’t have to use one of our free premium WordPress themes. We can train you on any theme you wish.

How many people can take the class?
 You can have up to 24 people in your class. We recommend three or less unless you have the facilities to accommodate a larger group.

Do I have to share my class with other people?
 No, you do not have to share your class with other people. This is not a webinar. This is live, one-on-one, instructor led training. It’s like having your own personal WordPress instructor on your desktop.

Do you give on-site classes?
 Yes, we give on-site classes. Please contact the WordPress Learning Center to make arrangements.

What if I pick a theme and halfway through the class I wind up not liking it?
 If, during your training, you decide that the theme that you have chosen does not work for your WordPress website project, we can very quickly and very simply upload another, at no cost to you.

Is this like a seminar?
 No! This is not a seminar. This is live, one-on-one, instructor led training customized to your training goals, your training needs, and your schedule.

Why shouldn’t I just buy videos and tutorials to learn WordPress?
 Videos and tutorials do not address your unique WordPress issues. Every theme is different. Every theme has its own set of theme options, and theme characteristics. Videos and tutorials, unless specifically for your theme, usually lead to more questions than before watching the videos or reading the tutorials. With live training we can answer all of your WordPress questions immediately.

Do I need to know PHP, HTML or CSS before I can take your classes?
 No, you do not need to know PHP, HTML, or CSS. It does help to have a basic understanding of these programming languages, but it is not necessary.

How do I enroll in one of your classes?
 To enroll in any of our classes simply call our toll-free number: 877-844-9931. An enrollment counselor will work with you to determine what classes are best for you. Once enrolled, the enrollment counselor will then help you schedule your classes. 

Are your classes pre-scheduled?
 All of our training classes can be customized to your training goals and needs, and your schedule.

What’s the difference between the SEO you teach in your classes and the Advanced SEO training?
The SEO we teach in our classes will help you understand the SEO settings and functionality of your theme. We also simplify SEO and teach you how to tell the search engines exactly and precisely what your website and webpages are about. But most importantly we will show you how to use the SEO tools unique to WordPress that will have your posts and pages ranking high in the search engine results pages in just a few days.