WordPress Learning Center Review – Security

WordPress Learning Center Review – Security

WordPress security training is extremely important. This is because multitudes of shared servers have been injured from cross-contamination due to finding weaknesses in the underlying structure of WordPress. Unfortunately, the weaknesses aren’t just limited to the structure. They are also found in the extensive plugins and themes that are readily available to expand the functionality of your WordPress site, with some having a built in backdoor or loophole to give hackers an edge.  Logging on to your website to discover you’re selling child pornography in Russia is horrifying.

WordPress Learning Center Security Review

What To Do If You Get Hacked

When it comes to WordPress Security, if your site does become hacked, there are a series of steps you can take to cut off the hacker’s access. This is key to recovering your website, because you can only rebuild if you can protect yourself.

  • Scan your own workstation, since many times the malware is introduced through a desktop application that has been infected
  • Make sure your web hosting provider hasn’t had these same problems with other sites. If they have then they could already be working towards a solution
  • Change all your passwords
  • Change your secret security keys
  • Backup your database
  • Consider doing some online research, because there others out there who have had similar problems
  • Replace your core files, and update your themes and plugins as well
  • When you think your site is clean, upgrade to the latest version of WordPress
  • Change your passwords again to be safe, and apply some security countermeasures, such as a firewall
  • Make sure to keep regular backups now that your site is clean. This way if you’re hacked again you can upload the latest safe backup and reset your passwords/security keys



WordPress Security Learning Review


The best way to defend your website is to be prepared, and this means having protections set in place before hackers even try to access your site.

  • Install a WordPress firewall to limit access attempts and scan your site for malware
  • Perform regular backups of your content and database to have a safe alternative
  • Change your passwords, make them stronger, and reset your security codes


This may seem redundant, but the fact remains that most attacks on WordPress sites are in the form of “brute force” password attempts.

WordPress Security Training Class

This all may seem daunting, but we would like to help. We can show you everything you need to know in our new WordPress Security Training Class.

In the WordPress Security Training Class, we teach you how to better secure your site:

  • Training focused on current WordPress security issues  
  • A premium plugin to backup your content and database 
  • A premium WordPress firewall to protect your website 
  • Key tips to keep your website off of Google’s black-list    


We know that your website is a huge investment in time and money, and recovering a hacked site and recreating your content is stressful, difficult, and expensive (and sometimes impossible). With our WordPress Security class you can protect your website, and provide yourself with peace of mind.


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