A Review of Bidsketch Proposal Software

Send Me a Proposal….the words that every WordPress website designer wants to hear. The proposal is a necessary part of every project that takes time, energy and effort, yet doesn’t always promise a return. Clients expect detailed, clearly organized proposals but sometimes you barely have time to eat your lunch. There is now a solution that can help reduce your proposal time in half, looks professional and keeps track of your proposals as well. With Bidsketch, a new proposal software, the idea of writing a proposal will not want to make you bury your head in the sand but rather keep your business moving in an ever increasing rate.  

Bidsketch Proposals Look Fantastic

Bidsketch templates give you a quick start with pre-populated content to choose from such as client needs, goals and objectives, fee schedule, next step and project timeline. The templates are a good way to quickly start a proposal and they also offer a variety of customization. You can rearrange, add and remove the template sections. You can also add images, flash or video to your proposals to bring them to life and entice your clients even further. The designs of the templates are simple and professional looking but can also be customized to fit your business or client’s style. 

The Proposal Process is EASY

Proposals are sent via the Bidsketch system which allows you to track specifics such as when a client viewed a proposal, how many times they viewed it and how long they viewed it as well as whether or not the client downloaded it. This helps the WordPress website designer gauge a client’s interest and determine the best time and way to go about contacting the client for follow up. The best part is, that once a client is ready to accept, they can sign the proposal electronically. Overall, the proposal process is streamlined to help you obtain clients at a much quicker rate


  • Great Looking Client Proposals in Minutes
    • 50% Less Time Writing With Reusable Content
    • Look Professional With Design Templates
  • Automates New Client Workflow
  • eSignatures
    • Legally Binding
  • Analytics
    • See What Your Clients are Doing
  • Integration
    • Freshbooks
    • BaseCamp
    • SalesForce
    • Harvest
    • More
  • Flexable Branding
    • Use Your Logo and Your Website Domain


A Legally Binding Contract

Bidsketch captures the email address and IP address of your prospective new client and creates an audit log of the electronic signature. which is compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws. All signed proposals are legally valid documents.


We decided to offer WordPress website development services and we needed a proposal solution that was easy and above all – professional in appearance and functionality. We looked at everything that was out there and while some solutions may have been cheaper, Bidsketch was the easiest to setup and use, and it BY FAR looked the best and most professional.

The bottom line: We found Bidsketch to be affordable, easy to use, cloud based for easy client access, and an essential element for any WordPress website design company.