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Best Social Media Following Plugins

Another way to get more traffic to your site is to get more people to follow you on your social media sites. It’s important that you start growing your following on social media and promote your accounts. Up next in our series of best social media plugin articles is the best social media following plugins.

Social Media Widget

best social media following plugins social media widget

First up on our list of the best social media following plugins is the Social Media Widget plugin. This plugin allows you to insert social media follow icons into your sidebar areas. Social Media Widget allows you to choose from many different icon sizes, animations, and order of icons. It supports over 50 social media sites  and even allows you to create your own using a URL to an icon and URL to the service connection.



Floating Social Media Icon

best social media following plugins floating social media icon

Next we have the Floating Social Media Icon plugin. This easy to configure plugin is really great if you want to have floating social media following icons on your WordPress site. It supports customization through icon shortcodes, animations, and drag and drop reordering of your social media icons. You can have them show up automatically or you can choose exactly where to put them. This plugin has both a free and premium version.



Social Icons Widget

best social media following plugins social icons widget

The Social Icons Widget plugin is a lightweight plugin that is very simple to use. If you want a very basic, but elegant social media following plugin, this will be your best bet. This plugin isn’t fancy and there’s not much to customize but it gets the job done in the easiest way possible.



If you have any questions or if you need help installing any of the best social media following plugins or other support for WordPress, we have instructors that are ready to help you. Call 512-593-1621 or email to schedule a consultation today.

We also offer our WordPress Social Media Class that will show you how to integrate social media with WordPress.